25 June 2009

Shah Rukh Khan Is Not Short !

We were listening to Fly FM just now when Hani Madu, si minah perasan tu ( hate this girl) says that Kylie Minogue is just 5 feet tall. Didnt know she's that short actually. She doesnt look that short in TV. Anyway, it's not Kylie that I'm gonna talk about here. After hearing about Kylie's height, Carol suddenly turned to me & said, "no offends but Shah Rukh Khan is also short, u know"

He's such a hottie.....I cud have an orgasm just by looking at him !!! Hahaha.....

That really blows me off ! SRK is NOT short.....again, he is NOT short !! Amir Khan is short.....Danny De Vito is short....but Shah Rukh Khan is definately not short - not even close to that. I am not being biased here but that's the fact, isnt it? He might not be as tall as Amitabh or Abishek but he's certainly not short. Gerammmmmm !!!!

I did some research on this & finds out that my SRK is not short after all. He's 5' 8"......yessss !!!! Tall enuff for me....hehehe. So Carol, please get your facts right next time. Dont simply-simply kutuking my heart throbe ok. For all you know, you can get yourself killed. This warning not only applies to Carol but also to others out there. Careful ya !

OMG...he is so darn gorgeous !!!!

Anyway, even if he's only 5' 2", I would still fancy him the same. Nothing could ever come in between us except maybe.....for one guy....Edward Cullen. But I only love the character, not Robert Pattinson himself. So, SRK still remain as the love of my life - short or tall !


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