16 June 2009

Less Sugary Life

A lot been complaining on the amount of sugar I've put in my drinks. I remembered Yasmin used to make this one kindof face after drinking the tea I've prepared - too bloody sweet he said. Carol thinks that my coffee tasted like air gula. Lin nearly spit out my milo after tasting it.....some examples on how high my sugar consumption was.

Well, as I explained to Carol before I blamed it to my late Grandma whom I've stayed with. She consumed sugar as if there's one big sugar factory behind our house. Arwah memang kuat sangat manis....and because of that my tounge has been accustomed to it. Those drinks where they claimed to be too sweet tasted just normal to me. What to do....that explaines the sweet face of mine kot? Hehehe....akak dah terperasan dah ni....but then, like what K.Mimi commented in FB earlier - this is my blog & it's up to me what I wanna write here, isnt't it? Even if I chose to be brag or being perasan in here, nobody can say anything coz i did it in my own freakin blog! K.Mimi, I think you've just open the door to evil here.....hahahaha.....brace yourself frens !

Ok, back to the sugar story.....so, started from last week I've repented from my excessive sugar consumption. Carol has been appointed as my official Sugar Consultant.....or should I say, Un-Paid Sugar Consultant...hehehehe. I would refer to her the amount of sugar I should be put in my mug of coffee.

Well, the truth is ....it's fuckin hard ! My drinks now taste like shit. I'm no longer looking forward to my coffee drinking session....huhuhu. But since this is for my own good, I'd better be strong & stay with it. It's better to consume less sugar rather than not being able to take it at all, isn't it. Ingat sebelum kena !


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