28 June 2009

Car Boot Sale @ Shah Alam Stadium

Went here this morning with my bro, Ji & his girlfriend. This "market" has always been one of my favourite weekend destination. Pakkal lagi la jauh, kalau tak mahu tiap2 minggu akak menepek kat sini.

This flea market is located at the parking lot of the Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam. It is advisable to be there very, very early in the morning or else you'll end up rounding the area for a couple of hundred times just to find a parking space for your car. The market is always packed with people. The best timing is to arrive there by 7 - 7.30 am....then had your breakfast at the so many food stalls provided, u'll be spoiled with choices. By the time you are done with your breakfast, most of other stalls will be opened already.

Look at this uniquely fertiled chilli plant....

This Shah Alam market is a place where you can find almost everything from groceries, fresh seafood, farm products, plants, clothings, antiques, second-hand goods etc..etc....pendekata, cuma mak bapak je lah yg takde kat sini. That's why I'm so in loved with this place.

Home decorative items

The other drawback to this market, especially if you came a lil bit late is that it could be very-very hot. Being set up in an open area, the hot sun could really kills. If you can leave your kids at home, better still coz they are so gonna hate this place - juz like Marsya hated it. That's why it is wise to come here early so that by 10.30 - 11.00 am, you're already done with your tour.

These are among the few snapshots of things that are being sold at the market :

Antique lovers should pay a visit to this place too

Car accessories for the guys

Pets for the children

Handicraft items

They even sell cars here !

This is the Gred A, China imitation Crocs sandals...sold @ RM70/pair

On our way back to Pandan Indah, we bumped into the KL Marathon participants - fighting their strength out to finish the 42 km run....phewwww !!

Run Forest....run !!!!

Bumped into this beauty too !


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