21 June 2009

Jacob's Walk of Life 2009

This walk has been an annual event for Jacobs for the past 2 years. This year, Marsya & me decided to join the rest of the Kuala Lumpur citizens to support this campaign in promoting a healthier & better lifestyle.....chewah......chewahhhh.....

The registration booth

The event started as early as 6 am.
When we got there, it was approximately 6.20 am & the number of people there are so unexpectedly huge. I didnt expect that much of people would turn up that early. Bersemangat sungguh orang-orang kota ni yek - must be becoz of the free t-shirts & biscuits la tu...hehehehe - but certainly not us, ok......we were there just for the walk, of course. Sajalah nak memeriahkan suasana yang sememangnya dah meriah tu....

It took us about half an hour to complete the registration. It could be much, much more faster & efficient if only a laptop is being used rather than doing it manually. Laptops are very cheap nowadays & for a big company like Jacobs, I dont see that as a problem at all.....(sigh). That's one drawback there.

The next drawback would be the attitude of our people.......oppss...I wouldnt be fair to have said that. It's actually coming from my other half clan, if you know what I mean. These people just dont have "queue" in their dictionary, isn't it? Four people....not 1, not 2 but 4, trying to cut the queue. They're just too bad for trying to do it in front of me. Memang silap besar la kan. I've chased them all the way back to the end of the queue while trying to put some civics senses into their dumb minds. I hate it so much when people cut queues....be it on the road or elsewhere. If other people can queue, what cant you? Duhhhhhhh !!!!!

After gotten our T-Shirts, what else.....posing time lah ! The 2 Hot FM celebrity DJ were also there - Fafau & FBI since they are Jacobs Ambassadors - apart from the other two Chinese celebs. (I think ).


Fara Fauzana

The walkathon started at about 8.00 am for a distance of 5 km. The venue, Taman Metropolitan, Kepong is a very nice & beautiful park. There are lots of recreational activities facilities provided at this park such as children playground, reflexology, observation tower, jogging & cycling tracks and kite flying too. There's also a big beautiful lake in the park. At one side of the park, you'll come to a small woods, surrounded with the greens & sounds of the chirping birds. It was such a tranquil & peaceful place to be at.....sungguh mendamaikan. The only drawback to this place is it's location - a bit too far for me :-(

By the the end of the 5km distance, my Marsya was really exhausted & worn out already. She've been asking me to stop for a few times before but I keep encouraging her to continue walking. "Mummy...this is not walking...this is dying....." Poor Marsya.....she's so fragile.

Just look at the crowd....

The whole event was quite a good one for us - in terms of loosening our rusty & jammed muscles. Me & Marsya have make a deal that we're gonna do this every week - walking in the park but she will need to bring her bike to cope with her mummy....hehehehe.....that really makes me sound like I'm so damn good, huh? Kasik can la......after all it's my blog what? Where else can you boast if not in ur own blog kan?

My exhausted darling....u make me proud, girl !


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