26 June 2009

Tribute To Michael Jackson

Early this morning I heard a very shocking news on the radio which says that Michael Jakson, the King of Pop passed away at the age of 50 due to heart attack. I was stunned for a while hearing that news....so unbelievable....and feeling sad at the same time.

I'm neither his hard core nor die-hard fan of MJ but still I could feel the big lost in the music industry. He's an amazing artiste who comes up with great music. Despite of all his weird acts & accusations made on him, nobody can deny the fact that he's a great musician. Michael Jackson was one of the most important and influential musical figures of the 20th century.

I grew up with his music. His music videos are awesome - nobody could ever beat his dance moves....especially the moonwalking which he invented. It was the coolest & sleekiest dance ever. There's this one time way back in 1993 (I think) where MJ appeared in Oprah Winfrey show. I was so impressed to see him creating a music instantly just by whistling & making sounds from his mouth......the outcome was so cool. I dont actually know how to describe this but if it's not on TV, you wouldnt know there's no musical instruments were used to produce that beautiful melody. He was truly talented.....damn talented!

Michael Jackson has it all except for a childhood. He was never allowed to live a normal life -- thrust onto the stage and into the spotlight at an early age. He quickly became the centre of attention as a musical child star and that spotlight never left him. Something he could never buy back - his childhood. The effect of this can be seen throughout his life. He has certainly done some strange things in his life, but that's not better be the things we wanna remember about him - it's his music that we should be remembering.

Michael...you will be missed by the whole world. There will be never be another Michael. May your soul rest in peace.

The 2009 Tour Teaser Video


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