22 June 2009

Painting Time

As most of you all knew, I have lots of plans lining up for me for my new obsession.... that is decorating my lovely home. Belum abis decorate dah claim "lovely home".....wakawaka. Last weekend I managed to complete a few tasks - well, with hardship since Marsya just couldnt stop whining & droning for dragging her along (like i have a choice.....duhhhhh)

Went to IKEA in the morning - but couldnt specifically find the things I have in mind. From there head straight to Sg Buloh since dah dekat kan. Being in Sg Buloh can really makes me crazy - love to see all those plants & flowers. Ikut hati mau aje akak angkut semua pokok2 bunga tu....shantekkkkk !!! Another interesting fact is that the Indonesian guy who assisted me at the nursery was so cute....sumpah ! Memang cun ! Tot of turning back & snap his pic. but Marsya stopped me from doing so.....giving me that mean look of hers. Hehehehe.....dun worry Masrya, I dun have any intention to give you an Indonesian step dad.....unless he's as cute as Airil Peter Pan la....hahahaha.

From Sg. Buloh, I drove to Macy in Seri Kembangan - for the curtains. Sakan sungguh raya akak tahun ni. Spent almost 2 hours there finding the best material for my curtains. Macy is the only place I went to if I wanna buy a curtain. Not only for their vast selections but also the service they offered. The price we paid for the curtains is inclusive of the sewing too but only for French pleat je la. Other designs macam yang scallop2 tu kira extra la kan. The good thing is, I've never fancied other curtain design except for the French pleat - simple yet beautiful.

So, this weekend I'm planning to re-paint my house. I am so excited already....cant wait to see the new look of my house. While browsing for painting tips that day, I've came across ICI website which turned out to be a very interesting & helpful site - http://www.icipaints.com.my/EN/index.html It is a very interactive website which provides lots of useful tools & tips.

Once you are in, click to "Mouse Painter". This tool helps you to select the colour you desire for your house, be it your living, kitchen, bedroom etc. It lets you play with the colours in order to get the best colour combination for any rooms desired. Those who wanted to paint their houses are strongly suggested to check this site out. It's so much fun ! Even if you dont have any plans to paint your house, you could still drop by. You'll be amazed !


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