24 June 2009

Ekspo Barangan Malaysia - The Review

Wokeh, juz came back from the expo. All I can say is that it's so dead. Nothing that interesting there except for the free food samples. No new exciting products been exhibited. It's all the same old things lah.....most of them are food.

To me, the expo is a
failure. For any expo / exhibition held, the first day should always be crowded with visitors. People will be swarming around the booths but this particular ones, it was so quiet & deserted and mind you, it's the first day. Cant imagine how would it be during the next two days, worse still it's weekdays.

Nevertheless, being a normal shopaholic, no matter how dead the place is I could still find things to buy...hahaha. As I mentioned earlier, most of the things there are food. So, it's food that I bought la. In fact, I'm quite satisfied with my purchase - it's the Salt & Paper Squids & Black Pepper Fish Fillet by Pacific West. The prices are a lil bit cheaper as compared if you bought them elsewhere. Well, that's the only thing that actually caught my interest there.

Apart from the not-so-happening place, we stumbled upon an unpleasant sight there at the expo. We saw Azwan Ali.....boy, he is so pukable. He had this shawl / scarfed wrapped around his neck as if it is so cold in there - another fashion victim I guess. He & the botoxified Zahida Rafiq were there as the so-called host for the event that day. I really cant stand Azwan - not in the TV neither in person...... I dont understand why on earth he has to transform himself into that creature he is now. The first time he appeared on TV3 years ago, he's just a normal looking guy. Again, the question here is why???

Anyway, these are a few of the pics. taken at the expo. For those who intent to visit, yeah you may come over but please do not put any expectation to it except if you're aiming for the free food la.....hehehe....there are plenty of them here. You'll be burping your way out of the halls with a smile on your face, of course.

These are the Bufori cars - one of my dreamed car. But one thing I dont understand here is why is it here in this Barangan Malaysia Expo? Dun think it's made from Malaysia. Anyway, only realize this when I was writing this entry - otherwise I could have check this fact out.

I just love these paintings....they are so cool, isnt it. They called it Digital Art (dun actually know why, maybe they were digitally drawn )


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