18 June 2009

My Arabian Lamps

I'm so happy !!! My quest for the bedside lamps has finally over. Found what I've been looking for all these weeks. Semenjak dua menjak ni, akak tengah in the mood to revamp my home and getting a new bedside lamps is one of the many things I have in my list. I'm not gonna talk about all of my other plans rite now - at least not until I've actually done it.

So, about these lamps.....it has been weeks since I started hunting for them. Been to IKEA, Living Quarters, shopping complexes...you name it lah.....almost all I've been to but still couldnt find anything that suits both my taste & of course, budget.

Yesterday after work, I decided to drop by at this 2nd hand shop, Cash Converter in Ampang Point. My initial intention is to get something else (one of the items in my long list) there but then, luck just strucked me.

There on the shelf, I saw this beautiful dangling crsytals lamp waving mildly at me.....it was indeed love as a first sight. Love them instantly. Looking at the price makes me wanna jump - it is so within my budget. RM89.90 for a piece of such a beautiful master piece ( I sounded a lil bit exxagerating here, isn't it ? ).

So, that's it! Bought them without a slight hesitation. The only feeling I had in me is SATISFACTION.......just that !


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