08 April 2010

The Chronicles of Mr. Lumpy

Day 5.....

Mr. Lumpy has yet to make peace with me......though he's now less meaner. I guess he's just giving me a friendly reminder of his existence.....or just to make his presence felt. Lumpy, dearie, trust me......you will never be forgotten....not yesterday, not today and definitely not tomorrow either. You're more than my own flesh & blood.......you're part of me. Or should I say....you complete me !

Even the 3 year old Suri uses heels !!!

It's my 5th day of consolation with Lumpy and the fifth day I'm using flats to work. Ooohhhhh...... I'm so missing my heels & platforms & I'm very sure they are missing me as much too. Me with flats...... is so not me !

From a vavavoom, I'm now a plain Jane. I missed swaying my hips to the left & right, while balancing my steps on those heels. Yes, you can still sway your bump with flats but the thrill is so not the same. Being on heels gave me that extra boost on my confidence. It makes me feel sexier.

I cant dressed up to the max with flats. I cant put on my trendy tops & match it with flats. It just dont feel right..... in fact, it IS not right. It doesnt go in sync with the style. Vogue does not walk hand in hand with flats. No matter how stylish your outfit is, the look will just die once you put on a flats on your feet. Period.

So Lumpy......please be a good boy, will you? Please let me slipped in my heels back. I missed walking down the street on those platforms. I missed walking down the street feeling good of myself. I missed walking down the street feeling extra confident. And above all, I just missed being myself.........


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