14 April 2010

The Dark Side Of A Training

Wow! I have not written any entry yet this week. K.Mimi must be cursing me by now for not having any reading materials while having her breakfast every morning. Am so sorry darling.....just cant help it! So, what seems to be the reason that's been keeping me off from writing?

A few reasons actually with "plain lazy" being the major one......hehehe. Apart from that, I was not in the office for 3 days - had a training to attend. And speaking of training, I can only think of one good thing about it which is the knowledge obtained ( provided that full attention being given throughout the whole period la).

All I'm saying here is that there are more bad than good to trainings. First & foremost - too much eating. 2 breaks + 1 lunch - certainly makes me feel like a pig. Well, I cant just look at the food, isnt it? Membazir itu kan amalan syaitan ! Not that the food are so good - but then, what else you wanna do when everybody else around you are eating? You dont really have a choice but to blend in !

The second not-so good thing about training is that it'll make your brain goes dormant. It's even worse for somebody like me whose brain are forever inactive (when it comes to work la). For 3 consecutive days, I'll be sitting there in the training room, doing nothing but listen to the trainer. So on the fourth day, to immediately start kicking with the office work is quite a challenge, I would say. The engines up there definitely needs some warming up before it can be fully throttled - at least that's how my brain works.

Finally, the last reason why training can sometimes be a suffer rather than pleasure is the workload piling on the desk when you're away. I'm referring this scenario to my own self coz I dont have anybody else that could attend to my work when I'm not around. As it is, the brain is still in its hibernation state and having a pile of due dates to meet are certainly not something to look forward to.

Anyway, I'm actually feeling very sleepy now which ends me up with this entry. I just need to blog in order to avoid myself from continuously hitting my head on the desk due to extreme sleepiness. I'm putting the blame on those dim sums I had over lunch earlier. And the by the way, the dim sum buffet lunch was quite good & one of these days, I'll try my best to write an entry about it.

Cheers !


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