23 April 2010

Rude Bitch!

It’s Friday today & like everyone else, I’m so looking forward to it. I’m so happy when Friday is finally here. As I’m about to start embracing this lovely day, it was splattered by an act of rudeness & arrogance from a female.

In life there are the popular people, the geeky people, and then there are people who enjoy being rude to others just to make them feel better. I can deal with the popular people and the nerdy ones, but the jerks I can't deal with – especially when it’s the person I worked with everyday.

How can a person portrayed herself as a good muslimah but didn’t actually act like one? Aren’t being nice to each other is one of the teachings in Islam? Doesn’t she knows that or she’s simply ignoring it? This female has been constantly showing her attitude for as long as I knew her. It’s like having that rude hemoglobin running through those veins of hers.

Today, she might smile at you as you walked pass by but tomorrow, you cant expect the same thing out of her. She’ll only acknowledge you when she feels like it and she’ll just stop smiling back at you out of the blue leaving you feeling very confused (& pissed as well). In short, being an asshole as she is, she’ll simply make you a stranger as & when she likes it.

Why is it so difficult for you to be nice to other people? I’m not asking you to be nice to the extent of sending me flowers everyday or make me coffee every morning. I would understands it if I’ve treated you so very vulgarly all these years. But the thing is, I never did that to you. As long as I remembered, I’ve never been rude to you before. Have I ever not smiled back at you every time we passed by at the pantry? On those days where you put on those weird outfits (like that ruffled puffy sleeve cardi for instant), did I go & laughed at your face though I really felt like doing it (especially now) ?

It’s not my fault that you didn’t get fucked by your hubby last nite but dont come to the office the next day and fucked other people’s life. For all I know, you’ve just ruined my Friday !


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