15 April 2010

Lazy Lorrrr.......

I've been asking myself lately - is it the aging factor or have I actually lost the drive & passion in life? I dunno what's been happening to me but I seems to be extremely lazy these days. Maybe this is the kindof mid-life crisis women faced in their life when they turned 40 - specifically for single lady like me. The good thing is, it doesnt involves hurting other people's feeling like the kind of mid-life crisis men had.....duhhhhh!

When I said being lazy I'm not referring to office work coz for as long as I could remember, work and lazy are two synonym words in my dictionary. Lazy here means the way I am whenever I'm at home. I cant even remember when was the last time I baked a cake or making "kuih" or even a simple jelly. I bought this chocolate milk about 3 months ago, with an intention of making a chocolate pudding. Till now, the milk is still there in the cabinet - untouched. I really have to force myself every morning to cook Marsya's breakie & lunch, unlike before where I've always been excited & looking forward to be in my kitchen.

Now, all I want to do is lie down & relax. Every weekend, all I end up doing is lying on my sofa & watch movie - one after another, while browsing the net intermediately. At least when Marsya is around, I would still need to get up to prepare her food. Without her presence, it'll be ultimate freedom for me. I'll be a couch potato for the entire weekend - to the extend of feeding only on plain water & Ping Pong biscuit. Yeah, I'm that critical !

It's quite scary thinking of what I've become. This has somehow makes me realize how great God laid his plans for everybody. As the saying goes, things happen for a reason. Imagine, if I'm still married...... damn, what a messy situations I would be in right now. I obviously cant just sit on the sofa all day long through the whole weekend, cant I? Let alone feeding myself & my hubby plain water & Ping Pong biscuits. For all I know, I'll be flying (without wings) from the 8th floor after being thrown out by my husband !

Sometimes we questioned God as to why he let bad things happened to us without even realizing the blessings that comes along with it.

God, I am grateful.......


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