22 April 2010

Thai Steamboat @ Q-Thai Village

Went here about a month ago with my mum & Marsya, right after I came back from Korea. It's a treat to my mum for taking care of Marsya while I'm gone. Didnt actually knew the existence of this restaurant - not until I saw the their banner by the road side around my area. Since it's located in my neighborhood, let's just give it a try. Anyway, steamboat has always been the favourite for me & Marsya.

This restaurant was open mid January this year. It is located in Taman Dagang - near Ampang Jaya Police Station, behind Galaxie Ampang. They occupied two shop lots - one one for the Ala Carte menu whereas the other one is specifically meant for steamboat only.

As planned earlier, we opt for the steamboat. It was quite okay, I would say. Lots of varieties - really a lot actually. They have it all there - seafood, vegetables, noodles, fried rice, those yong tau fu stuffs, chicken, beef plus a lot more. Besides the steamboat, they also have BBQ chicken wings (weekend) and satay (weekdays). My mum loves the chicken wings so much - it was big in size & nice too.

As for the soup, as most of other steamboat operators, they have two choices - tomyam or plain soup. In terms of these soups, Tupai-Tupai still won it by having the coconut juice tomyam soup. But as far as price is concern, Q-Thai is far ahead than them. It's only 22+ for adults and 12+ for children. This is certainly a very good news for all Steamboat lovers in Ampang / Pandan area. With the amount of varieties & the price they are charging, Q-Thai Steamboat is indeed the cheapest in town.


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