01 April 2010


I've been very busy since I came back from Korea last Saturday - have been wanting to update my blog but it just seems too impossible - not until now. Have 2 dead lines to meet this week & working my ass out to complete those tasks. Now that both are done, I've finally got some air to breath & therefore decided to write something today.

To those who send their condolences on my grief over the blocked websites, thanks so much. Your concern is greatly appreciated. Apparently, those sites are only blocked in Korea.....phew! When I'm back to my KL office, everything seems to be back as normal. Boy, am I glad ! FB, the movie sites, Ares...everything are there! Lovely !! I've wasted my time a few days ago mourning over it. But then at least, it taught me how to be appreciative. As a norm, people would only learn to appreciate things when they've lost them. In my case, now that I've got back what I thought I've lost, I'm appreciating every moment of it by doubling the effort. I'm now downloading more & more movies - should enjoy the luxury while can, right?

I still have a lot of stories to write about my recent Korea trip. Am still trying to find time to publish them all. My entry today is just to let people know that I'm back to KL in one piece & this blog is still active. Some of you, K.Mimi in particular has been wondering what has happened to me since I've been quite dormant these few days, as far as this blog is concern. I'm ok, still breathing ( though not that smoothly due to work stress ) & very much alive.

In loving memories .......

Speaking of being alive, when I came back to my lovely home last Saturday, I was greeted by 2 dead gold fish in my mini pond.......huhuhu. According to my mum, the water filter suddenly stop running from early morning. By the time I reached home, it was too late already. Out of 3, only 1 survived. It was very sad since I had them for almost 2 years already. If they were kids, they would have started to talk already by now....huhuhu. Farewell goldie !


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