06 April 2010

My Old Buddy, Lumpy

Thought of writing something yesterday - not just something actually.....a lot of things. Have a few things in mind that I would like to share with you readers. Indeed, I still have a few of my Korea travel stories in the draft folder, awaiting me to publish them.

When I woke up yesterday morning, all of my blogging plans came to a halt. My really, really old problem came back to bug my life. It's like this......I have this one small lump (which I'm gonna refer as "Lumpy" here), a size of a 50 cent coin underneath my right foot. It was like a gift from God to me as I was born with it. Good thing with it, it doesnt grow together-gether with me - otherwise, I would had a much bigger problem then.

Whenever I walked, Lumpy would be pressed against the ground, obviously. After some time, I guess Lumpy felt a bit agitated being pressed & squashed all the time especially those yesteryear when my weight is as heavy as 75 kg at least. So, he decided to punish me for all those bad times I've given him, though it's not directly my fault.

When I was in my secondary school, Lumpy declared war with me & began to rebel. He started biting my foot every now & then. He not only bite me when I walked but also when no pressure being put upon him - heartless Lumpy! It was really painful that most of the time I had to limp rather than walking. I sometimes cried too when the pain is really unbearable.

Since Lumpy didnt really like me that much anymore, after sitting for my SPM I've decided to "ditch" him from my life. My parents then took me to a clinic & ask the doctor to remove Lumpy. I guess we are so meant to be with each other, even the doctor failed to separate us. So much love, huh !

Anyway, that visit to the doctor had somehow put some sense's into Lumpy's head that he's becoming less vicious towards me. The pain he had caused me for years has lessen and after a while, it stopped. Just like that - we finally make peace between each other.......not until yesterday.

It was as if Lumpy just woke up from his long sleep.....with a vengeance. I was in a continuous acute pain all day long. It was so painful that I had to take 2000 mg of Ponstan to overcome the sufferings. The whole day of yesterday, I was very busy focusing my mind to ignore the pain - though it the end I didnt succeed that well.....huhuhu.

This morning, if the pain still continues I thought of going straight to Ampang Puteri & get even with Lumpy. But then I guess he could sense my agony & decided to mellow down. Good for him. Now, I'm just hoping that things between me & Lumpy would be back to normal again. No more distress.......no more hatred........no more pain.


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