20 April 2010

The Cardi Dilemma

Didnt know buying a waterfall cardigan can be quite challenging. I've been browsing for it since last week since this long cardi is so in these days. I have been a bit skeptical about putting it on me due to my extra broad shoulder. I feared that putting another layer on it would make my shoulder ever wider.

Having a wide shoulder like mine has created a lot of limitation to my fashion collections. Ruffled sleeves, pleated necklines, no shoulder pads - these are among the designs I should be avoiding. I've to be really careful trying out new fashions for I might end up looking disastrously ugly.

The waterfall cardigan has captured my attention quite some time ago for its trendy & stylish looks. The only thing that stops me from pursuing it is the thought that it might not look good on me. All that thoughts just vanished the moment I stepped into Marks & Spencer on Sunday. They have a few nice long cardi there & to my surprise, I looked quite ok in it......phew!

These are my shortlisted choices :

It took me 3 visits to Marks & Spencer before I can really decide which one suits me the best. Among all 3, I would have to admit that A is by far, my favourite. The only not so favourite about it is the price - RM259 ! Well, quality and looks always comes with a price, huh ! B & C are about the same as far as price is concerned - RM 169 each. However, the drawback for B is that it's a 1-pc design - meaning that you cant mix & match it with other tank tops. C in the other hand is more friendlier as it is a 2-pc tops where both the cardi & tops are not attached.

Out of these 3 options, I like C the least. The way it's been designed doesnt makes it fall that nicely as compared to the other two. But then, I still end up buying C. Reason being, A is too pricey & B is not that friendly ( no mix & match possible ).

Honestly, as I'm writing this entry, I'm still undecided as to which ones I should settled down with. The M&S's 35-days cooling off period policy really puts me in a dilemma. Looking back at the above pics, I think I look much nicer in B - but then I've to stick to that only without having the luxury to match it with my other tops. Huhuhu........it's so difficult being a woman, isnt it ! The other solution is to buy both ! Would I? Could I? Or.... should I?


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