08 April 2010

Shop For Less

Last weekend while waiting for Marsya celebrating her fren's birthday, I've decided to kill my time by going to the most happening mall in Ampang - Pandan area......where else but Ampang Point la. It's quite an okay place actually - lots of makan place & shops where you can spend your money at. The only drawback to this place is its limited parking space - I mean free parking space la....heheheh.

For the past few weeks, I've been looking for tights for my precious. Been to everywhere - KLCC, Pavillion......couldnt find any decent one. A friend of mine then suggested that I might find what I've been looking for in Ampang Point. True enuff, she's precisely right !

It was in Royel Departmental Store where I found it. I was so thrilled & relieved when I finally found those tights that I bought four different colours - black, white, grey & pink. The pink one is my fave - it's so sweeeeeet ! They have a lot of other colours but at this point of time, I'll just stick to these 4 basic colours - though it's only RM15.90 each. Dirt cheap kan?

Marsya's favourite was the first one on the top left - very nice indeed

After gotten those tights, I need to find the tops to match it with, right? One thing with me is that I dont like buying expensive clothes for Marsya. Look...she's my only daughter and on top of that I dont have any niece - only nephews. Marsya is only 11, which means she's still in the process of growing up. Hence, I dont see a point buying expensive clothes for her when in the end they'll end up in somebody else's closet !

And with that thought in mind, I stepped into Royel's 10 Ringgit Shop. To my surprise, they actually have quite a collection of children's clothing. Not only that, they are not bad at all - in terms of quality & looks. I went bonkers for a while looking at all those nice, cute tops - wish I could borong all of them. RM10 each......can you imagine that? Who wouldnt get crazy?

So, I end up buying 8 pcs of tops for Marsya......yoo hooo! I was so happy & what makes me even happier is that, Marsya loves all of them very, very much. Those who are looking for a nice & cheap clothing for their kids, can check out this place - you'll be amazed with their collections. Not only they're good to your eyes, they're also kind to your pocket !


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