15 October 2010

Happy Friday

"We are often so caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey."

It's finally Friday.....forget the working blues and let the good times roll. I just dunno where to begin to express the relief I'm feeling at it being Friday!It has been a long & busy week for me - as always & Friday has always been looked forward to every week.

I reckon that this weekend will be another great weekend for me starting from today itself (apart from the amount of work waiting for me the moment I finished writing this entry). I'm gonna have my forever fave, raw salmon later @ Saisaki......yeeehaaaa.! I've started salivating from yesterday itself knowing the fact that I'm having a Japanese lunch today.

And for the rest of the weekend, I'm just gonna lie down on my sofa watching movies. I've dedicated this weekend to pamper myself to the max. Only the best for me - good food, good movie & of course, good quality sleep.

To all, have a great weekend ahead !


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