07 October 2010

Is It Wrong To Be Choosy?

Honestly, my answer to this question would be, hell no ! There's nothing wrong for any women to be choosy about whom they tie themselves to for the rest of their lives. We work hard to get a comfortable & stable lifestyle, so it is understandable if we are a bit wary about simply throwing it away - especially to the opposite gender.

In the past, I dont really care about setting any standards or criteria on the man I'd choose to be my partner. As long he'd love me as much as I do, I am more than happier. He doesnt need to be that wealthy and intelligent, the only thing I expect from him is his undivided love & attention. I dont mind buying him expensive gifts, settling most of the house bills every month and sacrificing everything for him, hoping that he will noticed my sincerity and good virtues thus making the relationship solid.

The only thing I was totally unaware of is the inability of men being grateful & appreciative. They wont & will never be. Rather than being thankful, they'll in fact stab you on your back. It's like helping a dog out of a trap & the moment their feet are freed, they'll bite you back ! I am so sick & tired of being nice to people & not being treated the same way in return.

After a few failures in life, I cant afford to make the wrong choices anymore. I am so tired being such a stupid & self-sacrificing martyr all my life. And I cant seems to find any reason for not being picky. Look...I am hot, smart, fun, creative, knows how to enjoy life & a brilliant cook too. With all these good qualities in me, why on earth should I settle down for something less than I deserve?

With no looks & money is not a guarantee that men would be a saint. As it is, they are forever stupid & the probability of them fucking up our lives is forever there. At least if he is financially stable, we have something to fall back onto should he ends up being an ass (which he probably would). Imagine if he has nothing & still act like a jerk by swinging their dick like nobody's business, what is there left for us? Nothing but a small pieces of our broken hearts, that is.

Women often settle down for undesirable men & unsatisfying relationship out of loneliness or fear that their soul mate will never come along. So, they figure it is better to settle than taking the risk of ending up with no one at all. This is one big mistake most women make. It's their low self-esteem that makes them willing to accept any Tom, Dick or Harry in their life, though knowing the fact that he certainly doesnt deserve her.

If we dont value ourselves and expect the best life has to offer us, why should anyone else value us? While there is no such thing as the perfect man or a perfect relationship, this does not mean that we have to settle for less than we deserve.

My past experience has taught me that I deserve far better than what I was getting in my previous relationships. It also makes me realize that it's all up to me to face and overcome my own fear, before I'm capable of being in another relationship again. Romantic relationships are no longer on my list of priorities right now. I'm at a stage in life where I'd rather read a good book or watch a good movie than spend my precious time & energy on a man.

I'd rather stay single for the rest of my life than being stuck with someone who is not capable of making me happy.

The minute you settle for less than you deserve.....you'll get less than you settled for.....


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