06 October 2010

Men & Sex

Men only have one thing in their mind 24/7, that is.....what else if not S-E-X. It's something they cant live without. They cant even last half a day without having sex thoughts in their head. The moment a woman passed by, their creative mind would start working and the fantasy gets even wilder if she has big boobs !

They might not spend a single cent to buy flowers for their wives on her birthday for it's a total waste of money but for sex, they'll happily spent. They'll go all out to the extent of risking their own life by getting themselves infected withAIDS. I wouldnt mind if it's only him that got infected ( the world certainly does not need stupid idiotic man like them ). But then being a dumb-ass he is, he selfishly transmit it to his wife & kids. All in the name of SEX.

Based on a survey, men generally get aroused averagely 30 times a day ! Not 10.....not 20......but 30. A girl dropped a pen & bends down to pick it up, they'll had a hard-on. Standing close to a lady in the LRT, another hard-on. A salesgirl calling him "Abang" in a soft toned voice (trying to sell a dead cow to him), again hard-on.

You can be a bad housewife who dont know how to cook & take care of your house but as long you're good in bed (good here includes giving it to him whenever he wants it - in any circumstances), you are the greatest wife ever.

Ever saw an ads without any chicks in it? Close to never, I would say. Why? Simple - sex sells. Though the stuff their selling got nothing to do with girls, but they still need to put them in. It's the only way to make guys look at it.

Women dream about love & romance; men dream about sexual fantasies. Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place. And this is one thing men failed to understand. To them, sex is the expression of love. We women, seek for quality but men sadly goes only for quantity. That makes us women, the best creation ever !


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