22 October 2010

Happy Friday

For this week's Friday thoughts, I've chosen the above sayings as it fits perfectly with my entry today. I had a sudden revelation yesterday as to how much hate I have inside of me towards men. Men could pissed me off quite easily. They doesnt need to be really bad to make me fired up. And when I read the news about bad things happening to guys, it doesnt give the same impact as it is to a woman.

I know I have offended a lot of men out there, intentionally or unintentionally. You see, I don’t hate all men, just almost all of them; some of my best friends are men. There are three or four that I love and consider to be fundamentally decent human beings. It's not men that I hate most - just assholes !

I have so much hatred towards them that it scares me off sometimes. It's not something I purposely instilled in me but more of a results from all those bad experiences I had with them. I somehow realized that I need to put a stop to this overwhelming hate feelings inhabited in me. And I also noticed that it has becoming increasingly intense of which I feared that it'll go berserk someday.

Thus I have make a pledge to myself (is this for real?) that I'll slowly remove those hates out of me - maybe not all, but at least some of it. I shall try to be gentler to that other species, if I could. Instead of ultimately bashing them (my pride & joy), I'll try to look for the good sides of them (though I'm seriously doubting there would be any).

Some of you might think that it might be love that has mellowed me down. For the records, I do not fall in love .......though it IS love that I am looking for - the undivided love to Allah, family & friends, that is. If love that I want, then it's certainly love I've to give out.

Happy Friday to everyone & may you have a great weekend ahead !


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