28 October 2010

Office Politics

I dont know about your offices but in my office, we have this one term used mostly by the bosses which is called "working from home". It's like a culture here among the big guns ( & the not-so-big ones too, unfortunately) which really pisses me off.

I really dont understand this "working from home" concept. If you're working, then you should be in the office & if you're not, that means you're not working. That's how simple it's supposed to be. But then some people decided to redefine the working concept by introducing this idiotic "working from home" terms.

Rather than using up their annual leave, they'll just apply this concept or should I say, privilege to themselves. Just becoz they are in the position that they can afford to do it, doesnt means it's the right thing to do. As how I see it, it's just so unethical. If they have a bit of dignity in them, they should have announced it to the whole office that everybody is allowed to do the same as & when required. Then, they wouldnt have any of their staff bitching about them in her blog !

Though most of the employees would be feeling annoyed & disgusted over this kind of things, theres' always this small group of smart ass who'd be feeling otherwise due to their willingness to kiss their boss's ass. In this case, not only their annual leave stays un-intact, they dont even have to do work at home - instead they got tagged in FB being everywhere on planet earth!

Anyway, to those who didnt know, the above sucking up story is no fairy tale as it did happen in my organization. It's just that everybody in the office feels that in her case, it's more than just ass-kissing - and with that statement being said, I'd better stop here.

I rest my case !


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