27 October 2010

An Open Letter To A Loser

Mr. Genghis Khan,

Dont jump to victory too soon. The fact that I'm trying to instill more love than hate in me ( as how I expressed it in my previous entry) got nothing to do with such a fool like you. Hating assholes like you would be an honour to me as well as to the mankind generally.

You coming back to my blog is a mere proof to the world (especially to all women) that men will forever be an idiot becoz their words can never be trusted. They say they dont wanna come back, but the truth is they'll always come back. WHY? It's a simple truth that's becoz my blog is interesting regardless all the men-bashing or whatever. We, women now could always relate to you as a sample whenever we need an evidence to back-up our statement about the downside of your species.

So Mr. G.K, the fact that you've came back to my blog over and over and over and over again proofs that the victory is MINE ! My blog is too interesting to you that you dont have a choice but to swallow back all your stupid words.

Finally, my last words to G.K ( and when I said "last" here, I really mean it - unlike certain "people" who can only say it but never bother sticking to it ) - dont blow your winning horn too loud coz the fat lady hasnt sung yet ( I'm sure you're not that smart to figure out what this means, right? ).


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