29 October 2010

Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin

As a norm, I always started the day at the office by first, checking comments posted on blog. The next agenda would be updating myself with the recent gossips / stories about our local celebrities. It's not that I'm their biggest fan or anything like that - but then I still need to know what's going on so that I wouldnt be left behind whenever people are talking about it.

So, as usual this morning I was browsing through Beautiful Nara for their latest updates. What interest me was the story about this actress, Fauziah Gous. What makes the story interesting is not bcoz she won any award recently. Neither does she getting married to a VVIP or such.

In fact, the most interesting part of her story was nothing else but her very own stupidity. Her stupidity of saying things but not sticking to it. Her stupidity of being a hypocrite. And her stupidity for assuming that other people would be as stupid as her. But then, what do I expect? She's just one of the many local celebrities who doesnt seems to be using their brains when doing the talking. Do I need to say more?

This Fauziah Gous recently made a statement to the press that she's not willing to "berkemban" i.e. exposing the upper part of her body in her films. Well, she sounded so dignified & decent, isnt it? If only she could really abide to her own words......then she'll definitely be one good role model for all. But at least, she was indeed that so-called role model from the very moment she made that statement. It's just too bad the title doesnt holds for long - only till last Sunday, to be exact.

Last Sunday was the Malaysian Film Festival & this is what she wore that night :

What more can I say : the picture speaks for itself !


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