16 October 2010

Genghis Khan & His Losing Battle

My oh my! Looks like somebody is pissed & that somebody is no other than the one & only Mr. Genghis Khan whose tentacles I've deliberately slashed through this entry. ( FYI, I am smiling from ear to ear while writing this entry). He was cursing me like nobody's business, using dirty & vulgar-est words on the things I wrote in that particular entry.

Rather than thanking me for dedicating the whole entry to him, he returned my kindness by calling me names. A true man he is - UNGRATEFUL & UNAPPRECIATIVE. Well done Genghis Khan, you've just proved my theory right. I am sure the real/late Genghis Khan would be very proud of you ( though the fact that a LOSER like you has used his name as a nick has offended him quite badly).

Anyway, since I have a much bigger heart, I'm taking this as a compliment to myself - coz it surely means that I've managed to "touch" his heart (or perhaps that powerful 3 letter words that spells E-G-O ) through my writings. Hypothetically if he's offended, I'm sure other men would feel the same way too (since they are all very much alike as far as stupidity is concerned) which makes me the most vicious men-basher ever. Ooohhhhh....am I honoured !

I've decided not to dirty my blog by publishing that STUPID comment of his. Such UNEDUCATED & BASELESS comment certainly doesnt fit into this sophisticated blog of mine.....ooooohhhhh. I dont understand why he even bother to come back & read my blog again since he made it so clear before that Red Scoot On The Move is definitely not his favourite. Though he claimed ( in his latest comment ) that this is the last time he'll ever dropped by, but being a man as IDIOTIC as him I'm quite sure he would eventually peeks in coz he obviously cant resist this exciting blog of mine. Anyway, he's a man & therefore his words are UNWORTHY!

This is the thing with guys. They can criticize us women, in any circumstances & from any angle they want to, but definitely not the other way around. The moment you criticize them back, they'll retaliate. They are supposed to be the most perfect creature ever created by God that they are fault-proof. So perfect that no women should even think of going against them. Another thing, men admitting their own mistakes is a myth - it would never happen. Ever !

My dear Genghis Khan, call what ever names you wanna call me coz it wont hurt me a bit. From what I see, it is you who is being hurt the most coz you knew for the fact that if not all, most of your kind are an ASSHOLE & you are unfortunately one of them. It's an obvious truth too hard to swallow that you have to throw it up to me instead. How sad.......

Another thing, should you have a blog or planning to have one, do write in your own native language please, I'm begging you......with all those PATHETIC grammatical errors of yours, it would only bring more shame than shine to your blog. As much as you hate to admit it, you cant deny the fact that I am way more smarter than you. Therefore, do consider this sincere advice of mine. Trust me.....one day you'll thank me for this !


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