27 March 2010

In Flight Humour

This entry was written on my flight back to KL. I hate being in the plane so much & having a lappie with me is such a great pleasure as it helps me kills the boredom. FYI, I’ve written 4 entries so far during this 7 hours of flight – not bad isnt it?

My super-quiet seat mate must be wondering to himself whether he’s sitting next to a travel journalist coz I seems to be very occupied typing away my ideas. I dunno whether it’s the beautiful white cumulus & cirrus clouds or the confined contained pressure in the flight that seems to boost up the production of ideas in my head. The moment I laid my fingers to the keyboard, it seems impossible to stop as the ideas keep on flowing in.

The yummilicious chicken curry

Or maybe it’s becoz of the chicken curry I had a while ago that releases the happy hormones in me – thus inspired me to write even better. That particular chicken curry by the way, was the best I’ve ever had. After a week having seafood & kimchi, any food they offered me in plane would be the best indeed. Do I need to say more?

So, what’s the in-flight humour all about then? Nope, MAS is not having any stand-up comedian on board nor do they hosted the Raja Lawak competition in the air. It’s about this news I read in today’s Star a while ago which really gives me a good laughs.

It reads : Rise In Cancers Linked To Oral Sex. Very interesting, dont you think so? In London, it is believed that the rapid increase in serious head & neck cancers are said to be linked to a virus spread by oral sex….ahah !! Doctors there suggested that boys & girls to be offered protection through vaccination.

Well, one man’s cure is another man’s (or girl’s in this case) poison. Ladies should seriously consider this before agreeing to please their partners. Just remember this : the guy who left you after refusing to do the BJ on him can always be replaced but your head & neck is something money cant buy !


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