23 January 2010

Sex AndThe City

It is 11.30 pm now which is way past my bedtime especially when it’s schooling day for Marsya tomorrow. I’m so darn screwed. This is all bcoz of this Sex & The City movie I watched earlier.

I’ve so many feelings mixed up in me that I cant make myself sleep. It’s this love-hate feeling that is alternately invading my head one after another. Clearly, I’ve make a big mistake by watching it tonight – should have waited till tomorrow morning ~sigh ~. What’s done is done…..the milk has been spilled. No point crying gal !

Being a romantic person I am ( auuwwww!!!), I’ve always love sweet love story like this one. Honestly, I’ve never watched Sex & The City the series – simply bcoz I didnt subscribe HBO. One thing about romantic love story, they are most of the times too fairy tale-ish. Everything seems to be too perfect & unrealistic. For a moment you are in la la land & as soon as you realized it, you’ll just fall down to reality….swooshhhhh & ouchhhh, it hurts like hell. And how do you expect me to sleep then?

Okay, I’m not gonna give a review on how the storyline goes or how it ended. In fact, I’m just gonna list down the things that I love & hate about this movie which makes me write this entry at this very wee hours.

The LOVE :


Chris Noth…..he’s so hotty hot! I cud have multiple orgasm just by looking him smile. Him being Mr Big is like the perfect 10 – not enuff he’s gorgeous, he’s damn rich too! He’s the man of every woman’s dream.


Carrie’s walk-in closet, which is just a few inches smaller than my living….huhuhu.


The proposal in the closet……it was so sweet I almost cried !


The closeness between the four friends. It reminds me of my good frens & makes me appreciate their friendship even more. Thanks gals !

The HATE :

Sarah Jessica Parker – how old is this woman actually? She looked so haggard especially during the 1st half of the movie. I repeatedly told Marsya that I looked much, much better than her & obviously Marsya agrees to it.

The outfit Carrie wore at the beginning of the movie – the one with the huge flower above the chest. To be honest, it’s not huge…. it’s bigger than huge !

When both Carrie & John finally get married….. tak aci !!!! It’s too perfect of a world to them…hate it…hate it….hate it!

Watching this movie, all I can say is that love & friendship are the two most important things in life. You have to have at least one of them or life would be very meaningless. And to those who have both, treasure it for you are the luckiest human being on earth ! ( how I’d wish I am that person ~ big sigh ~ )


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