04 February 2010

Twenties Girl

Been the die hard fan of Sophie Kinsella, I've waited long enuff to to get hold of this book. It took close to a year before the paperback edition came out. And I am the happiest person to find out that it is finally here.

When it comes to Sophie's novel, I dont really care what's the story all about. The plot may sounds boring or dull but knowing Sophie's talent, I dont have the slightest doubt in her. So far, none of her books fail to entertain me. I just love the way she writes - it's so simple yet fun.

It took me only one night to finish the whole book. The first 20 pages or so are a bit slow but once you continue reading, you'll be hooked for good. I sacrificed a few hours of my sleep last night coz I just cant put down the book. I have to finish it coz even if I decided to go to sleep, I'm pretty much sure that I wont be able to. My mind would be too busy wondering what the end of the story would be. So, might as well finished it & go to bed peacefully.

I'm not gonna write what's the story all about. But by far, this is the best of Sophie Kinsella's book - my favourite. I really love this particular ones. It makes me laugh & cry at the same time. Apart from the emotional side, there's a mystery to the story which only unfold towards the end. The story really takes a turn halfway through the book which makes me wanted to race to finish it to find out if all would come well in the end.

The ending of the story gives me a full satisfaction. It makes me see life in a different way. Though the ending is quite predictable, how Sophie developed each character & twisting the plot makes the story very unpredictable. Twenties Girl is truly an outstanding piece from Sophie Kinsella & the best so far.

.....when things go wrong in your life, you lift your chin,
put on a ravishing smile, mix yourself a little cocktail....
and out you go.....

~ Twenties Girl ~


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