15 September 2009

PS I Love You

It's probably unfair for me to review this one after reading Twilight Saga because it's definitely not a good comparison. The reason why I chose this book is because it's one of my colleague's fave book. Since I dont have any reading material at that point of time, so why not give it a shot then.

It took me 6 dreadful months to finish the whole book - the longest period I've ever took to finish one godamn book. I wrapped up Breaking Dawn in 2 days - just imagine how much I dislike this one. It's a story of a 30 year old Irish woman, Holly who lost her husband, Gerry to a brain tumor. It tells the story of how Holly tried to cope & moving on with her life, with the guidance of Gerry's letters which were written before his death.

I found the book is way too depressed. She was too weak of a woman, too dependent & just couldnt get hold of her own self. I know that may sound harsh considering she is dealing with the loss of her husband, but hello......I've literally lost not one, but two husbands in my life too but I didnt go crying over it for months. Things happen for a reason & they should makes us a stronger & better person. I had a difficult time sympathizing with her. Everybody else around her have moved on with their lives except for her. She was weak to the point of annoyance.

From the reviews I've read about the book, most of them thought that the movie is much better. I've already downloaded the movie but I have this rule where I should read the book first, so why break the tradition? After 6 months of waiting, now I can finally watch the movie. I hope it is as good as what most people thought.


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