22 August 2010

Cows & Their Umbrellas

I was at the market yesterday morning, of which I believed was the wrong day to do so. On a wet & cold morning like yesterday, I should have enjoyed the moments snuggling under my warm blanket & stay on bed the whole morning. Instead, there I was on my red scooter fighting against those tiny rain drops, like needles poking on my face. All that in the name of love - for my daughter, of course and not for any stupid man ( only God knows how much I love saying this ) that is.... duuhhhhhhh !

Am not gonna talk about the market today - it's the rain that I'm into this time. Well, not exactly about the rain but more on the effect of the rain on human. Again, not any human but those stupidos which seems to outnumber the smart ones nowadays - especially among one particular gender (do I need to mention which one?)

Rain is good. I love the rain, whether I'm inside or outside. I love the feeling of rain falling on my face on a cloudy day. I love sitting inside, watching the rain trickle down my window, as I listen to my favorite music.

The only thing I hate is how stupid people react to it. Yesterday morning at the market, as I was mentioning earlier, it was raining. As it is, I was not in my best state of mind as I wont be able to enjoy the rain the way I wanted it. Things get worse the moment I walked in a pool of people in the market. Imagine, being squashed in between of not so happening people (it's the market, what do you expect?), waters dripping from above, dirty water puddle got splashed everywhere on the feet - very, very messy indeed. I'm not complaining, I mean that's how a market is, isnt it?

What pisses me off is this one kind of heartless ( or rather brainless) people who doesnt seems to care about others. I know it's raining but do you really have to use the umbrella? We're not talking about an open market here. Though there's no proper roof but there are lots of big umbrellas being put up by the vendors. It may not be enough to keep you dry but at least you wont get soaking wet.

And these selfish people would just walk in with their umbrellas open. It's ok to use your umbrella in an open space but not in the small & closed-up place like the market. Dont they know how hazardous it is to be walking in a crowd with an open umbrella? Somebody might came out from the market with his eyeball hanging out from his head, for God's sake. One thing I observed is that those people with umbrellas don't really bother to maneuver their umbrellas so as not to poke into one's eye. It's the people around them who have to scoop down or move away from them in order not to get poked. What a selfish bastard, isnt it?

This is not the first time I've encountered such a situation. I've seen it so many times & it really boils me up seeing it. How can people be so selfish? Dont tell me they dont even notice the damage they've done. Or maybe they knew but simply being selfish. Whatever it is, these are the dumb ass that doesnt belong to the society. These people should be sent to the Amazon to live with the anacondas instead - that's if they are not being swallowed by one from being mistaken as a cow !

Listen here people ( or should I say "cows"?)......if you dont like to get wet, just stay in your house till the rain stops. Dont walk around with an umbrella, blinding people up. Otherwise, put on your raincoat & visor helmet like me - you may not look cute or vogue but at least, people wont hate you !


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