17 August 2010

TM Resort Kundasang

This is where we stayed while in Kundasang - TM Resort Kundasang a.k.a Sri Intan Kundasang. It was pre-booked by En. Kamis for us. This particular hotel is one of the many hotels owned by Telekom Malaysia. It is situated in the middle of Kundasang town - just on top of the hills nearby the vegetables stalls.

Thanks to En. Kamis for getting us a cheaper rate for the chalet. We paid RM 90/nite for 1 Queen bed + 2 singles, which is very, very reasonable. Though the chalet is a bit run down, but it was not that bad. For the price we pay, it is considered more than worth it - especially with the wonderfully beautiful views from the balcony. For TM's employee, the rate is much, much lower - as low as RM30/nite, I've been told.

Among the facilities that is provided in the chalet are TV (with Astro), water-heater, electric kettle & towels. Noticed that there's neither air-conditioning nor fan being provided. The weather there is chilly enuff that you dont need any of those at all - especially at night. I dont think anyone of us would even dare to touch the water should no heater being provided - it was like ice water, for God's sake !

View from the balcony

Those who are planning to visit Kundasang, could consider this place as one of the options for the lodging. Details of the resort can be obtained here.


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