06 August 2010

Would You Die For Me?

I was not feeling well yesterday & therefore was on medical leave. From morning, I've been very busy going back & forth to the toilet - not that it's too dirty that it needs to be repeatedly cleaned. Apparently, my tummy decided to teach me a lesson that I cant stop "producing". The whole day I was in & out of the toilet till I dont have anything more to discharge.

Feeling bad for her sick mum, Marsya then told me not to cook anything for her breakfast this morning. A nugget will do, she said. But I would be feeling very bad if I just fry you the nuggets for breakfast, I replied. Nugget, sausage, chicken drummets etc, to me are unhealthy breakfast which I can only tolerate once a week the most. Marsya is being kind to me by asking me to break the rules - which was very sweet of her actually.

"That's the problem with you, mummy. You love me too much that frying me a nugget for breakfast is like a sin to you," she answered. "Marsya, I only have you & nobody else. Obviously all the love in me is only poured to you solely. I'd die for you if I have to, you know," I said. The moment I finished that sentence, Marsya started crying. "Mummy, I am so sorry......I know you would die for me but I dont think I could do the same to you. I dont wanna die....huhuhu," she said.

Frankly, if a guy said that to me - I wouldnt be bothered at all. No grudge, no frustration, no nothing. But when it comes from the mouth of my own daughter, I cant help but to feel a slight of disappointment. I know she's only 11 & just being honest with me. And I also know that doesnt mean she didnt love me with all her heart. It was something I never expect coming from her.

Anyway, it's just a form of expression. A figure of speech that is. Even if she's willing to die for me, I am not gonna let her. I need to be fair to her as well. She's only a kid & she still got a long way to go (as compared to her mummy). She got the whole world waiting to be explored & I cant take that away from her.

Come to think of it, it's kind of funny the way she expressed it to me with tears running on her cheek. I know she felt really bad as well for it'll surely break my heart. But then, at that age I dont think she even knows how to tell white lies. And I'm glad she didn't.


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