04 August 2010

Ruz Aladdin Restaurant

I've been very, very busy since last week which leaves me with no choice but to desert this beloved blog of mine. There are just too many things in line with so little time left to do it. I'll be holidaying to KK this coming weekend & will only be back on Ramadhan's eve. And speaking of fasting month, I haven't even finalized the 30 days breaking fast menu yet. There you go - I could see the panic button started to blink already !

I've lined up a list of things that I should be doing last weekend, which includes completing the breaking fast menu, packing for my KK trip, cleaning up the house & cleaning my mini fish pond. These are some of the many things I need to wrap up before Ramadhan steps in. But then, everything ground to a halt since I have to entertain my BFF who came all the way from Kuantan last weekend. Not that I'm grumbling, NO I certainly am NOT, since me too had a tremendous fun with her company.

So now, I'm left with a few more days to accomplish all those stalled missions. Prioritize is something I have to do since there's not much time left. And the menu is absolutely top priority. My oh my ! How I'd wish I could have more than 24 hours in a day !

In today's entry, I'm gonna write about this makan place me & my frens dined last Friday. It is called Ruz Aladdin Restaurant. Nasi Briyani lovers in Ampang would have known this place for sure coz that's what they are famous for. It seems that their Nasi Briyani is one of the best in town. Well, I am in no position to comment on that since I dont actually like Nasi Briyani. I cant take the milky ghee taste in it. Well, you can take a person out from a kampung but that doesnt mean you've taken out the kampung out of her !

The talked of the town Briyani Kaki Kambing - RM 25.00

Curry Mee - RM 9.90

Rojak Buah - RM 6.00

Chicken Chop - RM 18.90

I had Sup Ekor while Marsya settled down with of her fave, Curry Mee. My soup was okay with a generous amount of ox tails as compared to some places where you'll have to dig through the onions & tomatoes to find the tails. The Curry Mee however, was just a so-so dish. If I were to taste it blindfolded, I wont even know it's a Curry Mee. Though the name is Curry Mee, I couldnt detect any taste of curry at all. It's either they didnt put any curry powder in it or my taste bud has gone bonkers !

Faces of hope......before the arrival of the food

Anyway, one thing you can be sure of is that you wont leave the place with an empty stomach. Their portion of food was reasonably huge. For a small eater like me & Marsya, one dish is more than enuff for both of us. The oxtail soup was supposed to be my starters but end up being the main course instead - especially when it comes with 2 slices of thick bread as well.

Ruz Aladdin is definitely a place when you have a craving for Nasi Briyani. I would like to recommend the Goat's Leg Nasi Briyani - though it's a bit pricey but it certainly worth every cents you're paying for. But then to those who doesnt eat lamb / mutton, there are still lots of other varieties to choose from - chicken, prawn, beef or fish.

Faces of satisfaction....burrppppp !!!

And it's not only Nasi Briyani they have there, in fact their options are quite diversified - from locals all the way to westerns. It's like a mini food court with a range of food arrays. That's why a non Nasi Briyani eater like me & Marsya can still dine here. Those who would like to try out this restaurant, here's the address :

Lot 1243, Jalan Ulu Kelang
Batu 4, Ampang Point
68000 Ampang

Tel. # : 03 - 4251 6463
Operating Hours : 11.00 am - 11 pm


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