18 August 2010

Kundasang War Memorial

The Kundasang War Memorial was built in memory of the thousands of British & Australian soldiers who died during the Second World War at the prisoner camps in Sabah as well as along the forced marches from Sandakan to Ranau dubbed The Death Marches.

Of the 2400 British and Australian prisoners of war captured, only 6 survived to tell the tale of the physical torture they had to endure during captivity. Countless locals who tried to assist the soldiers were also killed by the invading Japanese army. Only six Australians survived to tell the horror. There were no English survivors.

The ‘fort-like’ design of the Memorial was by local resident architect, J.C. Robinson. It has 4 interlocking but separate gardens built on ascending levels along a hillside, to represent the homelands of those who died.

The first of which is the slightly bare looking Australian Garden but with a cute signboard though .......

From here, you'll have to climb a flight of stairs which will take you to the English Garden - with a few of different roses greeting you.

As you continue walking, you'll get to the third garden which is called Borneo garden with its displays of Borneo's native plants.

Last bu not least is the Contemplation Garden with a reflection pool & pergola - the best of all four for it's serenity & fabulous views.

You have to walk up all the way to the last garden as this is where the real gems lie. We nearly missed this interesting part of the park as we thought it would one common garden like the rest. It's from this point where you'll be able to see the view of the whole of Kundasang town - a view worth seeing.

The entrance to this park, by the way is not free. The entrance fee is RM3 for adults & RM 1 for children and is open daily between 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.


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