21 August 2010

Roasted Lokan @ Sulaman

For those who didnt know what "lokan" is, well it's a type of clam found buried in the stiff mud of the landward fringe of mangroves. Honestly, I dont know what is it called in English - or maybe, it doesnt even have one. However, scientifically lokan is known as Polymesoda expansa - what a name, huh?

This roasted lokan is a must-have while you're in KK. For as far as I know, nowhere else in Malaysia you would be able to find this special cuisine. I came to know about it while browsing for KK's local attractions in the net. From all the forums I've read, this roasted lokan has been receiving lots of good reviews which makes me decided to include it into our itinerary.

The place which sells this lokan is situated in Jalan Sulaman i.e. the KK - Tuaran road. It is a few meters ahead the KK Polytechnic, if you're coming from KK town. You wont missed the place as there would be rows of cars parked in front of the many road stalls there.

Right in front of each stalls are the the piles of fresh, raw lokans waiting for the customers to be picked. The large pile is priced at RM12 while the smaller ones are RM7/pile. Since there are 7 of us altogether, we took the large pile which consist of 20 big lokans.

Apart from the lokans they also have BBQ crabs but we didnt go for this since our intention lies only on those lokans at the moment. While waiting for our lokans to be ready, we tried their icy cold, superlicious coconut jelly. What makes it so special is how it's been presented where the coconut acts as the mould for the jelly. I've never had a coconut jelly before but this particular ones are really awesome. The taste is simply out of this world. Each of this jelly is sold at RM4 per piece and RM2.50 for the ones in small cups.

As for the lokans, they are not bad either. Those lokans are grilled with a special gravy & a bit of grated coconut. It tasted something like mussels but a bit more chewy. I would certainly come back to this place if I were to visit KK again - not for the lokans though but definitely for the mouth watering coconut jelly.


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