21 August 2010


Guess what? I just came back from Low Yat Plaza......oh yes, I did ! I finally did it. Though it is not as what I've wished for but then, it's good enuff. Good enuff to carve that big smile on my face leaving me feeling very contented.

I went to Low Yat Plaza with one mission - to get myself an external HDD. My existing 320 GB HDD has long reached its maximum capacity. This is the thing with having an external HDD. Knowing that you have the capacity, you just go all out. If I were a DVD pirate, with the amount of movies that I have in my collections, I would be staying in an expensive condominium already by now. 252 movies in total of which less than 5% I've finished watching. 252 movies & still counting......... and that doesnt even includes the TV series, for crying out loud !

Not enuff with the movies collection, I am now back to my old hobby - scrapbooking. That's why I need another HDD - to store all my scrapbook stuffs which have exponentially increasing (since I keep on downloading the materials every freakin' day). Downloading things from the internet can be really addictive. Trust me - I've been there for so long & I couldnt seems to find the way out. It's like being possessed or something where there's this voice inside of you telling you to do it. Download......download......download......damn !

Anyway, scrapbooking is nothing new to me. I've stopped doing scrapbooks a year or two before - which is about the same timing I started Red Scoot On The Move. Didnt know what actually triggered me that I've started picking up on scrapbooking again. All I know, it gives me some kind of pleasure & satisfaction looking at the end results. God, if only I have more than 24 hours a day !

One of the scrapbook I've just finished doing

You see, that's why I cant have a man in my life - where would I ever find time to squeeze him between all these important things in my life. I mean, c'mon......why on earth would I give way to those rats when my hobbies would 100% give me all the happiness I wanted, without a slightest doubt ! And dont make me start talking about that disgusting species again, especially in this Holy month of Ramadhan - coz once I start, I just cant stop !

So, this is what I got :

A Western Digital 500 GB portable HDD. My dream is to actually grab the 1 TB capacity (greedy, am I?) but it's way over my budget. I bought this 500 GB for RM 199 & a 1 TB HDD would cost me between RM400 - RM500 depending on the models / brands.

Among other brands of the same capacity, this one seems to be the cheapest. No shiny, glimmering housing & such - just a bland & boring black square. Nevertheless, like us people, accessorizing does make a different. With just one simple, shocking pink casing, boring is now "happening" !


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