30 August 2010

Cougar Town

It has been a while since the last time I've updated my blog. I wont say that I've been busy that I cant write - it's more towards being lazy actually. Plus I just feel that it's better to write less at this point of time since most of the words I've used in my entries are somewhat not appropriate for this Holy month of Ramadhan.

Anyway, I kindof missed my blog & therefore I'm gonna rant something un-important today. Last week I got the chance to watch the first 3 episodes of this TV series called Cougar Town. Downloaded the whole Season 1 a few weeks ago but only got to watch it last week now that I'm done with all the 6 seasons of Sex & The City - love this series so very much - except for that slutty couple, Carrie & Big! See, it's only the 2nd paragraph & I've started cursing already - I knew this bound to happen and my intention to write less this month is proven right !

Anyway, back to Cougar Town. Before I proceed, let me define the word "cougar" for those who are not aware of the meaning. Cougar as defined in the Urban Dictionary is an older woman who frequents clubs in order to score with a much younger man. The story revolves around Jules (Courtney Cox) who recently divorced & tries to jump back into the dating pool in an effort to make up for lost years.

The thing is, I dont really like this series. Courtney's acting was okay - it's the storyline that I loathed. I just dont like the idea of a 40 year old divorcee being so sexed up. It is not wrong in any way for a divorcee to have her own life but this Jules woman is a bit too much - a bit of a desperado, I would say.

I just felt that this series would give a wrong impression to a single mum in their forty - like me, for instant. People who watch this series would think that it's only sex that we have in mind. It gives the wrong picture to the audience of how a mid-aged woman would react from her divorce. The way I see it, is like an insult to me & other single mother out there.

People might say that I am overly sensitive but before you wanna say that, try to be in my shoes. Even without this TV series, the society would always looked down on divorcees - that is a fact nobody can deny. And I'm quite sure some of us who watched Cougar Town would have a good time bitching and agreeing on the part of a divorcee being so desperate.

Another thing about this series that I dont like is the title. It is called Cougar town when there's only one cougar in it. So what's with the "town" then? On top of that, I really hate the concept of “cougar.” It makes older women who are single as sexual predators. It’s just so ageist. And why arent there any special names or terms for an older men who date a much younger women? For me it's easy - I just called them old prick (honestly, I have an uglier name which I better keep it to myself for now, in fear that I might end up fasting for nothing today ).

Last but not least, watching Courtney Cox flaunt her gorgeous bod is so depressing. First I'll be looking at her. Then I'll be looking at my ownself in return. And the next thing, you'll see me jumping out of the building! Damn, I envy her. They shouldnt have casted her for the role - I'm quite certain lots of women in their 40s out there would be feeling very depressed watching her. It's not that I dont love myself but looking at something so gorgeous like hers just kills me !

So, tell me how not to hate this series? Damn ! Damn ! Damn ! ( And there goes my fasting too! )


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