24 August 2010

Tamparuli Bridge

Honestly, there's nothing special about this bridge. The reason most of the people knows about it is because of the famous Kadazan's folk song "Jambatan Tamparuli" in the70s. Then, Marsha Londoh (a Tamparulian herself) of AF3 brought back its popularity when she sang it live during the 7th Akademi Fantasia season 3 concert.

The picture of the old bridge ( Source )

The Tamparuli bridge that I've been to that day is not the original bridge actually. The original Tamparuli hanging bridge was washed away in the biggest flood ever to hit Tamparuli in January 1999.

We were brought here that day to just see the bridge. At least now if I were to hear the song, I can always say, "I've been there......".


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