13 August 2010

Kota Kinabalu 2010 - Pt. I

After been planning the trip for close to a year, we finally making it a reality last weekend. Sabah is one of the state I've never set foot before - apart from Perlis, that is. Both of my sister & myself have been quite tied up with work that we dont really have a complete itinerary for this trip. Nevertheless, we are quite certain it's gonna be an enjoyable one considering the fact that we always had fun being together as family.

The flight to Kota Kinabalu took approximately 2 1/2 hours & lucky us, flight AK5102 arrived KK International Airport right on time ( 1200 hrs) that day. I've always hated flying - I mean, being in a plane. 2 1/2 hours seems like 6 hours to me as I've been turning & tossing on my seat trying to sleep though I'm quite sure I wont be able to, as always.

At the airport, we've been greeted & welcomed by my dad's acquaintance, En. Kamis who is a local Sabahan. We are relying on him (& his wife, Kak Wok) to give us the tour around Kota Kinabalu. In the earlier plan, we thought of renting a car & drove ourselves around KK like most of the tourist did. With the help of this couple, at least we dont have to worry about getting ourselves lost especially when the driver ( me) has a terrible sense of directions. Drive - that I can but to get to the right destination, that I cant promise....hehehehe.

After we had lunch, we stopped at the City Mosque to perform our prayers. The City Mosque is located at Likas Bay, at the north coastal highway. It is a beautiful mosque with great architecture and it is said that, in some ways it resembles the design of the al-Nabawi Mosque (The Prophet´s Mosque) in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Another interesting fact about the mosque is its location where it's been built on a man-made lagoon, which creates a feeling that the mosque is floating above the water.

We then continued our journey to Kundasang as planned. En. Kamis owned a Toyota Avanza which is just enough to accommodate all 6 of us (including his wife). Being in that van felt like a real life roller coaster especially with the winding roads which goes up & down the hills all the way to Kundasang. All of us were extremely stunned with the way En. Kamis drove - he is one crazy driver ! Our stomach cringe every time he overtook the car ahead at sharp corners or while climbing up the hill. In my head, I could visualize the next day's headlines which reads like : "A Family Trip Turned Tragedy In KK"......huhuhu.

To be continued ............. (when I could find the time)


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