18 August 2010

Poring Hot Spring

Poring Hot Spring, named after a tall bamboo plant that is abundant in that area, is one of the famous Sabah's tourist spot. It is a natural spring where hot sulfurous water emit from the ground which is believed to be good to the skin.

The entrance fee is RM 3 (adults) & RM 1 (children) and is open daily from 7 am to 6 pm. According to Kak Wok, this place is always packed with both the locals & tourists over the weekend to relax while enjoying a soothing bath in the hot tubs (indoor or outdoor). Besides the hot tubs, accommodations & restaurant are also available here.

We didnt plan to soak ourselves up in the tub but rather dipping our feet in the warm sulfuric water.

Later, we decided to take the challenge of the canopy walk. The canopy walkway is a 157.8m long suspended bridge and has an average height of 41m. One has to climb up the graded trail (which is quite steep) of 250 m long before reaching the bridge. Another entrance fee is charged upon entering the area, that is RM 3 (adults) and RM 1 (children). And if you intend to bring your camera along (which you obviously would), another RM5 is added to the fee.

The moment we're there, right in front of the bridge, Marsya then started to cry. Marsya is acrophobia that is afraid of height. She didnt realize that the canopy walk is gonna be that high until she sees it for herself. That's when she started feeling scared.

After 10 minutes of persuading & coaxing, I managed to convince her to go ahead with it, with an assurance that I would walk closely to her. Poor girl !

Personally without the canopy walk, there's nothing so interesting about this place - not unless if you like to immerse yourself in the warm water tubs. Other than that, it's just a common picnic area like anywhere else.


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