30 December 2010

A Day of Thanks

I would like to make today's entry as a Thank You entry to express the overwhelming gratitude I'm having in me at this point of time.

First and foremost, of course my thanks shall be to Allah SWT for still giving me the precious chance to sip in the air through my lungs for another day. Thank you dear God !
Next would be to our tigers from the Malaysian Football Team for bringing back the AFF Suzuki cup (for the very first time) & making us all proud. You guys has proven your heroic capability where no laser could ever stopped you from grabbing that title. Malaysia boleh !!!!

Next would be to coach K.Rajagopal for taking our team to another level. Kudos to him. A tip to him : Mr. Rajagopal, you might wanna get yourself a pair of black Baju Melayu for the Datukship awarding ceremony......hehehehe. It's always good to be prepared, isnt it?

And being a good citizen I am, my special thanks also goes to our PM, Dato' Seri Najib for announcing tomorrow as a public holiday for all. This is by far, the best New Year gift all Malaysian ever got. Thanks a lot Dato' - we really need it ! ( but I still cant promise that I would vote for BN for the next election - chill Dato'......we just won the AFF Suzuki cup ! )

Last but not least, thank you so much to our VP, Eric Strecker for giving us a replacement leave on Monday for the New Year which falls on Saturday. Dont know what has really gotten into him that he's being so kind this year but I do hope this generosity act of him shall continue till next April (for the bonus). Aminnnnn !

See how happening my boss is !

That's it - my words of thanks are all out there & to those whom I missed out - thanks to you too ! May God bless us all !


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