22 December 2010

Fraud SMS

I'm sure all of you have received sms-es informing you that you've just won a hefty sum of money from a competition. Funny thing is that you didnt even remember entering such a competition ! Nobody can get so lucky that money could actually dropped from the sky down to their lap !

Sadly there are still those naive ones who fell prey to this type of scam. Money is not easy these days that people came up with all sort of scams & frauds to get to our pockets. Like I've said before in my previous entry, throw a bit of skepticism when things seems too good to be true.

Somewhere last week, I've received this fraud sms informing me that I've won RM 17K cash from Coca Cola and I need to call this guy by the name of Mohd Nasir Ismail to claim the winning prize from him. Ok, first of all I've never entered any competition be it through sms or any other means of communications. And secondly, I dont even drink Coke & they must be crazy to give away that much of money to a person who is not even their customer !

(Congratulation ! Your sim card has just won
RM 17,000 from Coca Cola...... )

By the way, this is not the first time I ever received such an sms. Normally, after reading it I would immediately delete it. This time however, I'm not sure what has gotten into me that 've decided to write back to them. And this is how my reply looks like :

( Congratulation ! You sms has just being forwarded to the
Bukit Aman police for further investigation on fraud case )

Though I'm quite sure it wont stop these bastards from continue to hunt for their new victims, but at least it gives me some kind of satisfaction. Maybe I really should forward that sms to the police........hhmmmm. What say you ?


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