13 December 2010

East Meets West - Part III

Too Good To Be True.......

After for about 3 weeks of information transfer between 2 continents, love finally takes place. Yes, I did mentioned the word love but unfortunately it's not what you are thinking right now. If you think I'm the one who's falling in love here, then you are so wrong. It's not me who's falling in love here.....it was him, DD.

As ridiculous as it sounds, DD has indeed falling head over heels in love with me. And me being the overly skeptical person as I am, could just laugh at him. It may sounds mean, but it really tickles my funny bones when he actually said those 3 magic words to me within a very short period of time.

C'mon, he barely knows me. He knows nothing about my likes & my dislikes. He didnt know what my favourite colour is. What food I love the most. What kind of songs I like to listen. What type of movies I like to watch. And yet, this very person could actually tell me, not just any woman but this queen of skepticism, that he's falling for me. What more can I do but laughed.

My name is no longer being used by him in his conversation or sms / emails. It has now being replaced with darling, honey or sweetheart. "I love you" & "i miss you" acts like a full stop for each of his sentence. He'll send mushy emails & sms with the most flowery words a woman could ever imagined getting from a guy - like this particular ones for instance :

"Knowing you is a fate, becoming your friend is a choice..... but falling in love with you is something out of my control"

Sweet isnt it? Or like one of my fren said, scarily sweet ! Which heart wouldnt melt reading such a message? He dedicated love songs to me in his emails (of which me & my friends had a good laughs reading it). He'll played love songs to me (while singing to it at the same time) before I went to bed with an intention of putting me to sleep but end up with me giggling all the way on the other line. This guy had actually plan his future life with me, for crying out loud! And all he's getting is my sarcasm & skepticism.

So, DD obviously has a difficult task to convince me of his sincerity & so far, he's been working very, very hard towards that. He made me talked to his friends who've been telling me how much DD cared & loves me (of which I'm quite sure they are reading it from a script prepared by him). He also let me talked to his daughter just to show how serious he is. He even go to the extent of asking me to check his balance of account through his internet banking system by giving me his password & all - for real !

Honestly, with all those convincing & proving that has been going on for a week or so, part of me would really wanna believe him but putting my guards off would not be a wise thing to do. As much as I wanted to believe him, the inner part of me kept on resisting it. He's just too good to be true. Too perfect of a guy. And so surreal & unrealistic.

Anyway just how long can I keep on protecting this heart of mine? How long can I resist all those romantic words & mushy messages that has been continuously uttered to me night & day? And how long can these thick walls I've built around me all these years stands firm? Only time will tell.......

To be continued...............


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