08 December 2010

East Meets West - Part I

About a month ago, I was approached by this British gentleman through FB. By the way, it's not the first time guys approached me in FB - be it the locals or the whites. The only different with the westerners is that they are much more decent & gentleman as compared to the local guys, especially my own people.

Malay guys really have to learn a lot from the whites in terms of approaching a woman. When they are interested in the lady, what they did is just adding them as friends - no "salam", no introduction, no nothing. And they expect the lady to just say yes to their request. I dont know about others, but for me it's a complete no - no. C'mon, how can you expect somebody to accept you after you came barging in to their house without even knocking at their door first? Where's your common sense guys?

I'm not saying here that the whites are better off than my own people. I mean, guys are still guys no matter what race or skin colour they are. As long as they are guys, we ladies are prone to be hurt - emotionally or physically or even worse, both.

But at least, these westerners are far more better in terms of communication. They dont go and ask about your vital stats or the size of your boobs. They dont care asking when was the last time you had sex. They dont seems interested to ask whether you are open minded & starts talking dirty the moment you said yes ! They are much more civilized in that sense.

I'm really not sure what had gotten into our people that they've lost the good qualities being an Asian or Malays, specifically. Malays are best knows for their gentle mannerism & rich culture heritage. Dont know what happened that only the negative side of them remains.

Anyway, this is not the main issue that I'm gonna talk about in this entry. There are more to the story rather than the goodness of the whites & the flaws of the Malays.

To be continued...........

Psssttt : Nothing compares to the calming sea breeze of the South China Sea........


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