19 December 2010

East Meets West - The Finale

She was thrilled & super excited. The phone call she just received earlier has put a lot of sparks in her eyes. She's been dreaming of this day for so long & it finally arrives. Her heart blooms with love & her face glows with happiness. I am such a lucky woman, she said to herself. Never before she thought that fairy tale could ever comes true. Her dreamed man is finally here & she just cant wait to see him.

It is gonna be a very special day for her & she has to look good for the occasion. What should I wear, she asked herself? Her mind then starts working right away. Should I wear the red tops or the floral turquoise shirt? Which colour brings out the best in me? Which handbag should I match it with? I should have asked what his favourite colour is, then it would be much easier - silly me !

How does he looks like in person ? Would he looks exactly like his pictures? Is his daughter gonna likes me too ? What if he's not like what he claimed to be? Would I still love him the same? What if I am not as what he expect me to be - would he still likes me when he sees me? Is he gonna stop from loving me?

Those are the questions that popped out one after another in her head the moment she received the call from Tom. She finally got to meet him after 2 months being virtually in love with that British lad who manage to capture her heart in his own very special way. He's just so perfect to her eyes. Tom is everything she ever wanted from a guy. Tall, handsome, smart, romantic & the most important thing is that, he's financially stable & he loves her very, very much.

In less than 3 days, they will be united. But before he could fly in to Kuala Lumpur, he needs to be in Abuja, Nigeria to clear some issues on his recent uncompleted job there. Back in KL, she waited for her love anxiously while dreaming about them being together. It's gonna be so beautiful, she thought to herself.

Just 2 days prior to his arrival date to KL, she received a call from Tom who is already in Nigeria at that time. Tom sounded so different this time & she could feel the tense coming from the tone of his voice. Apparently, his daughter is sick & need some medication from the hospital. She knew Annie had asthmatic problem since Tom did tell her about it before. But Annie's condition is not all that is worrying him.

The Nigerian company he's meeting up regarding his work has confiscate his passport since he didnt finished the job he's supposed to do back then. In order to get back his passport, he is required to pay a sum of RM 10K as a compensation. It's not that he didnt have that much of money but since his passport is not with him, he just cant withdraw his money from the bank. His only hope now is to get her to loan him the money of which he'll pay back when they meet up in KL later.


The above scenario is nothing new. It happened everywhere & as I'm writing this, one woman would have given her money to her so-called internet lover she didnt even meet yet. This year alone, within 6 months 83 Malaysian women have being conned by African men who posed themselves as a rich & handsome British men ( Source ).

The above story was written based on my own experience (except for the part where the lady was head over heels in love with the guy). Only thing, I was lucky not to foolishly fall prey to these Black scammers. It's just too bad for him that he got the wrong victim this time - somebody much smarter than him. I took the glory to give him a piece of my mind the moment he asked me for the money. I just wished he's right in front of me so that I could whack the shit out of him.

I told him that a person like him doesnt deserve a place in this world & I just hope that he'll die in the most humiliated way possible & eventually get burn in hell for good ! Telling him off like that was my sweetest revenge which leaves a broad smile on my face that lasts all night long. All the craps I've to put up with him for the past 2 months are finally being paid off.

I am not writing these series of East Meets West entries for fun or just for the sake of posting entries. My intention is to warn women out there especially those gullible ones. to be careful with these blacks. These people are professional scammers & they are really good in what they are doing. They'll do everything to win the woman's heart & trust - even to the extent of proposing to her.

Google "Internet love scam" & you'll find hundreds of stories similar to the above. It has becoming a global crime no matter which country you are from or how old are you. You can be as old as 70 but still a target to them as long you are willing to fork out money for them. Early this year, a 73 year old Malaysian woman has been swindled for RM 155K by these bastards ( Source ). So, please be very, very careful with guys you met via the internet. Be cautious, be skeptical & be alert - at all times.

I just hope this entry would be an eye-opener to all women out there who havent been in such a situation before or who are currently in a relationship with their virtual lover. Nothing is ever too good to be true - we can be lucky sometimes but when it gets too lucky, please spend some time to digest the whole situation. Education, good judgment and a healthy dose of skepticism are the best defenses against becoming a victim.

Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

P/S : As I'm writing this, I have 3 messages in my FB inbox -again from British men who are seems to be very keen to get to know me better. Guys, just be careful what you wished for coz you'll be really sorry once you got to know me better !


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