10 December 2010

East Meets West - Part II

The Introduction

So, back to this British guy who has now becoming my cyber friend. I responded to his message & instantly, we've become friends in the virtual world. I'm just gone call him DD here. A 41 year old widower with an 8 year old daughter. Resides in Merseyside, Liverpool, UK and works as a Structural Engineer. Briefly, that's how he described himself as.

The means of communication between us started with emails flying from one mailbox to another. From emails, we exchanged YM id's & started chatting in YM. It then went up to the next level which is the phone calls & that's how the real (verbal) conversation started between the both of us.

So, these night calls from him coming all the way from England, has been happening every single night without fail, followed by Good Morning sms and emails. Sounds really fishy isn't it? I dont know what is he up to; bursting his pocket for the phone bills but since it doesnt affect me in any way (except for a few sleeping hours lost due to 8 hours of time difference), I've decided to go on with the flow.

Our conversation basically revolves around ourselves - work, interest, kids etc. He asked a lot of questions about Islam while telling me his intention of converting. We talked about past relationships and how it affected our current life. In short, it's like a 3 weeks of getting-to-know-each-other session for both of us. No romantic chats - just casuals.

DD seems a nice guy and have respects for woman (unlike certain men whose conversation are mainly focused on sex & intimacy) and I have to admit that I enjoyed talking to him. Every night I looked forward to receiving his phone calls though I sometimes struggled to capture what he's trying to say due to his heavy British accent.

Within that 3 weeks period, I keep on asking myself what is this guy's intention. If it's just a chat that he's up to, I'm sure he can do it more economically with his own kind back there in UK. And if a life partner he's looking for, arent there enough women in England that he has to travel thousands of miles to find one? But then, like I mentioned earlier, since there's no harm done on my side, watta heck ! I'm just gonna hop along with it & see where it'll take me to.

Anyway, my frens have been very supportive in giving me their opinions & views about this. They've been a very, very good friend of mine by repeatedly & continuously reminded me to be careful with this guy. God knows what he's up to & knowing the kind of people in today's world, he could just be another con man trying to trap his victim.

Well if that's what he is, then it's just too bad that he would gain nothing from all the money he invested on me. I'm not those normal fish he used to catch from the ocean. This fish has gone through a lot of fishing tackles & nets that she wont fall prey to any man that easily anymore, Insyallah.

To be continued........


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