12 December 2010

Diva's Christmas Get-Together

My favourite time of the year is back and it just gets better and better each year. This year's Christmas party was held at my place with a theme called "Colour The Town Red". Thanks to Ain for volunteering to be the so-called party planner & came up with this great theme.

The hot hostess

In line with the theme, everybody (except Mei, since she didnt have any red tops it seems) were dressed up in red. The colour red can really lift up the party mood. Not only it makes us look great, it also create a lively ambiance around the house. My living room glowed with the presence of 5 radiant looking ladies (along with the hostess, of course) all dressed up in red.

The Divas

Unlike the previous years, we've decided to make it a potluck party this time. Everybody brought their own food for the party - ranging from salad / appetizer, main course & desert. The selection of foods that we have that day really makes it one great Christmas party - though we dont actually plan it that way.

My signature dish : the olios'

From Ain - so the very English !

From the rest

Looking at those foods makes me feel as though we were 6 expats staying abroad & were actually celebrating Christmas on Christmas day itself. There were spaghetti olio, roast chicken, cold cuts, salad, bread, cheese & deserts. The colours of the surroundings ( green walls & red attires ) makes it even more christmasy. Only thing missing is the Christmas tree......hehehe.

My fave pic.

We all had such a wonderful time that day. Too bad Lin cant make it at the very last minute. But she was kind enough to drop us our gifts & her delicious non-eggy caramel pudding. After stuffing our stomach with all the good foods, it's time for the most awaited event i.e. the exchange of gifts.

Another fave pic. of mine

Like the food, the gifts are as good as well. We all loveeeee the gifts so, so very much. Buying presents is one difficult task and it might end up with them not liking it. Anyway, I'm glad my frens love the stuff I bought for them. Seeing their happy faces when they open up their presents really makes my day.

The lovely gifts

This party was one of the best time I had this year. We had great food, great gifts, great laughs & great times together. May the joy continues to be with us for the years to come. Amin !


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