16 December 2010

East Meets West - Part IV

Bastard Busted !

This is the best part of this whole East Meets West series & been yearning to write about it from the very beginning. But in order not to spoil the whole plot, I'd better not reveal too much information at this point of time. I'm saving the best for last. It should have some element of suspense to the story to make it even more dramatic & interesting, isnt it?

Anyway, after posting the 3rd part of this series, I've received a lot of feedback from friends - both positive and negative remarks. Few of them were congratulating me for my so-called "newly founded love" & some raised their concerned on my safety. Getting these mixed responses from them makes me feel really good coz it means that they really care about my well beings. To all of them, I thanked you so much for your attention & concern - you guys really makes me felt loved. May god bless you !

To those who were congratulating me, thank you so much but unfortunately nothing actually blooms out of my heart. This shattered heart of mine still remains as it is & pieces of it were still very much lying around. And to those who were concerned about my safety, I thanked them too for allowing a small part of their mind to worry about me. No worries dear friends for everything are tightly held in my palm. I'm very much aware of all the consequences to my actions & I'd be extra careful in handling whatever situations possible.

So which bastard is actually busted here? It wouldnt be that difficult to guess the culprit since there are only 2 main casts in this story - DD and me. Obviously I wont be calling myself by that name coz I AM certainly not that. Hence, the bastard here is no other than Mr. DD himself. Bravo !

Ok, here's the thing.......the moment he told me that he loves me (in less than 3 weeks), it has immediately raised my suspicion. And the more mushier he is, the more skeptical I've become. Too much of "I love you" and "I miss you" can really choked one up. Not only it suffocates me, it makes me wanna puke every time hearing him saying it to me. Gimme a break !

I then decided to run another check on him. Remember his bank account that he asked me to check just to convince me of his genuineness? What he did is to provide me with the link of the bank's website, which is this one : http://www.uk-bkonline.all.co.uk/Rbbs/

When I googled up the name of the bank in the search engine, I've gotten myself a different link to ( http://www.rbs.co.uk/ ) the Royal Bank of Scotland's official website. Aha ! If you go to both links & compare, you will see that both pages are exactly the same - but the moment you hit the "Log In" button, that's where the bastard got busted !

Obviously the link he gave me was a scammed website for that particular bank. So, basically he can write whatever amount he wanted in his account - be it GBP 100K, 500K or even 1 Million - no big deal ! These people are pro scammers & making money out of other people's blood & sweat are what they are trained for. They'll do everything they could just to trap their victim.

Knowing the fact that DD is a fraud gives me an idea to have some fun with him. I've decided to play along with him with the ball is completely in my court. If a game is what he's up to, then it's a game he'll be getting. I just wanna see how far he will go & what his motive would be.

The day I found out the truth about him was the same day I've made myself "fall in love" with him. If he can be romantic, I can be twice as romantic. If he can use mushy words, mine are even mushier he cant even handle. And if he can dedicate romantic love songs to me, I could even composed him a complete song, for crying out loud !

Lets start the game & let the player be played !

Psstttt : Kempunan kastad karamel........huhuhu.


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