10 December 2010

Happy Friday

Happiness is something every people are always seeking for. Ironically, the harder we search for happiness the more it seems to elude us.

Being happy is our own choice. We can be happy right at this moment itself. Happiness is not something that we chase after endlessly. It's within ourselves.

We can choose to smile at someone and be happy. We can choose to look at the flowers, trees and listen to the birds' singing and be happy. We can choose to help a stranger in some way and be happy. Or we can simply lay back, relax and be happy. There are really countless ways to be happy.

Have a happy & wonderful weekend to all. Cant wait to have mine !

Psssttt : Spaghetti olio...roast chicken....choc. pavlova....caramel custard.....I'm salivating already !!!!


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