23 February 2010

High On Glee

Glee is awesome & I'm loving it so very much ! As usual, I'm forever the late comers. Am always the most outdated when it comes to movies / tv series. I've heard of this tv series before, seen the ads on TV & heard the soundtrack been played on the radio for a couple million of times. It's just that I dont have the urge to actually make me sit & watch it. During the last CNY holiday, cant remember which day tho, there's this one morning where me & Marsya were watching TV & Glee was on. It was apparently the Glee marathon where they're showing the pilot episode till the most recent ones. And from that moment onwards, you could call me the Glee freak.

I'm totally head over heels in love with the series, especially over Will Schuester who is the director of the Glee club. Not only he's cute....or maybe not so.....but I dont care coz he can play the guitar, sing & dance. What else do you want? He to me, is a perfect 10. The kind of man that can satisfy me totally - without requiring any physical contact whatsoever!

Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) which somehow reminded me of my friend, Chu - must be that curly hair - am very sure ! So Chu, dont over-perasan, ok.

To those who havent watched it yet ( hehehe, I think I'm the only one who's that outdated) ...... please do so. It's aired over Star World (Astro Channel 711) @ 10 pm every Wednesday....... which is gonna be tomorrow & I'm so excited alreadyyyy !!!! I love everything about Glee - the incredibly interesting plot (which is a mixture of romance, humour & controversies), the multi-talented cast, of course and last but not least, the amazing old & new songs ( love that powerful broadway voice of Rachel, by the way ).

I dont actually like getting myself addicted to TV series like this coz the waiting really hurts. But then, at this point of time it's a bit too late for me to back up as I'm already emotionally too deeply involved. Day to day, it's only Glee that I'm looking forward to - counting days & time for the next episode. And unfortunately, I'll be riding this emotional roller coaster for the next 10 - 15 weeks at least. Tiring? You bet ! Satisfaction? Guaranteed !


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